Игорь Петров (labas) wrote,
Игорь Петров

к вопросу о надписях на клетке слона

Не слишком понятно, почему в ленте так много волнений по поводу высказываний польского министра.
Министр выражается вполне в русле веяний современной советологии.
Фактически цитирует одного из крупнейших специалистов по Восточной Европе прошлого столетия, проф. Тимоти Снайдера:

Why exactly do people with such views think they can call other people fascists? And why does anyone on the Western left take them seriously? One line of reasoning seems to run like this: the Russians won World War II, and therefore can be trusted to spot Nazis. Much is wrong with this. World War II on the eastern front was fought chiefly in what was then Soviet Ukraine and Soviet Belarus, not in Soviet Russia. Five percent of Russia was occupied by the Germans; all of Ukraine was occupied by the Germans. Apart from the Jews, whose suffering was by far the worst, the main victims of Nazi policies were not Russians but Ukrainians and Belarusians. There was no Russian army fighting in World War II, but rather a Soviet Red Army. Its soldiers were disproportionately Ukrainian, since it took so many losses in Ukraine and recruited from the local population. The army group that liberated Auschwitz was called the First Ukrainian Front.

19.02.2014, The New York Review of Books
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