Игорь Петров (labas) wrote,
Игорь Петров

услужливая гнида

Теперь в "русском жж" есть свой патентованный переводчик с албанского (1, 2):

they are instigating another campaign now:
1. to overflow the AT/LJ management email boxes with gazillions of capricious complaints
2. to start a smear campaign against the LJ in the US extreme leftist AND rightist blogworld AND the media (with some luck)
3. they are planning to lie media about the nonexistent "exodus of the Russians from the LJ", "Russian ethnic discrimination", etc.
4. the goal here is to eventually gain the mafia type control over the LJ AT for the "Russian LJ Sector" or to abolish any form of such a control in the future.


Those ringleaders have around 2000 each, plus, they are supported by some other popular clowns, one of them is a leader of a small stinky nationalist party, in comparison to whom Jean-Marie Le Pen is a saint.
You are a young person, they are not.
Look at the photo below: their beer meeting yesterday with the agenda "How can we get the LJ". The leader is speaking:

So, they can easily provoke around 5,000 users to commit some email spam-like attack.

Надо сказать, что именно видя такое, я разделяю пессимизм Артура Кларка и Херберта Розендорфера относительно будущего человечества.

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