Игорь Петров (labas) wrote,
Игорь Петров

блггг: уроки любви к Родине

Российская журналистка Б. Рынска проводит для английского дипломата Дж.Барбура терминологический крэшкурс:

Now I answer a question why I did not search for friendship with you before the saga with the visa. Russia, as well as England the country very much hierarchical. At you it is ancient families. At us - celebritys. Prison terminology is very indicative. There are people "in the law", "in authority", and there are beginners. As well in army. There are grandfathers, and is - salagas. It is Russian slang, designating the neophyte. When you have come to work in embassy, I already was "in authority". Behind me there was a set of articles about England and the English-Russian events, my face on a cover of magazine MINI, shooting in L'Oficiele, articles in Tatler GQ. Aethers on RTR, NTV, 1 Ch and others. Street popularity, for example. Honestly, and in the Russian hierarchical system it is not accepted, that "grandfather" or, "grandmother" is more exact:) ) searched friendship with the neophyte. I believed that beginners should come "on bow" and do homage. Maybe now I will change my orientation.

Думаю, что если бы подобное письмо немецкого журналиста попало в прессу, то он бы с того самого момента писал не об аукционах Сотби и Кристи, а о праздновании столетия пожарных дружин в поселках Поинг, Выинг и Уинг (Верхняя Бавария)

О Россия, ты
Таишь столько загадок.
Сфинкс отдыхает.

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