Игорь Петров (labas) wrote,
Игорь Петров

оказался наш отец

Объявление с последующей перепиской.

1. Understanding the Russian Blogosphere
Fri, May 7, 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Columbia University, International Affairs Building, Room 1501
Media Dialogues Across Boundaries
Eugene Gorny (e_g) and Roman Leibov (r_l), two founding fathers of the russian Internet, discuss the state of the Russian blogosphere.

2. Dear Profs. Nepomnyashchy, Timberlake, Yang,
It came to my attention that two LiveJournal users Eugene Gorny (e_g) and Roman Leibov (r_l) (see the attached LiveJournal announcement) self-proclaim themselves as the founding fathers of Russian Internet. I wonder if this statement is true. I actively use Russian internet since early 90ies and I have never heard of these two individuals. Please clarify on what grounds they make such a bold statement.

Stas Polonsky, PhD
Research Staff Member
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

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Драматическое развитие событий, скажу честно. Слежу с замиранием.

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